What's on the menu?

Guacamole salad


$5 Handmade Chips with Guacamole: Handmade tortilla chips with Guacamole.

$3 Handmade Chips with Salsa: Handmade tortilla chips with salsa.

$5.50 Guacamole salad: Mostly creamy avocado cubes with some tomatoes & fine onions.

Chilaquiles with Two Eggs


$8.99 Chilaquiles with Two Eggs

$7.99 Breakfast Burrito

$9.99 Chile Relleno Burrito

$6.99 Huevos a la Mexicana

El Angel's with handmade tortillas


$8.99 El Angel's Burrito

$9.99 Chille Relleno Burrito

$7.99 Choose your Meat Burrito

Handmade Tortilla Fried Tacos

Tacos: 0.50 for handmade tortilla

$12.99 Four Handmade Fried Tacos

$5.99 Fish or Shrimp Taco

$2.50 Taco a la carte

$3.00 Traditional Taco

Chille Relleno


$7.99 Chille Relleno

$12.99 Chicken Mole

$12.99 Pollo a la Crema

$7.99 Handmade Quesadillas

$4.99 Gordita a la carte

DINNER SPECIALS: Unique Authentic Special Mexican Dishes



Cooked in a large mortar made from volcanic stone.

Comes with cactus paddles over the edge of the molcajete, cheese slices, longaniza, shrimp, steak and onions. Over warm salsa, served with warm corn tortillas.

$18.99 Shrimp or Quail

$25.99 Everything

Mar y Tierra plate

Cielo, Mar y Tierra

Named for the heaven sea and land this dish comes with chicken, shrimp, grilled skirt steak, green onions, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, blistered chile toreado, rice & beans


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